Aspiring Advocate, Meticulous Historian, Curious Photographer

Ten years of diverse professional and academic experiences give me a unique perspective on today’s challenges and opportunities.

As a 2L student at Gonzaga Law about to begin clinicals, I am privileged to assist clients who would otherwise face the complexities of the legal system without counsel. During my graduate studies in History, I researched the relationship between employers and workers at the turn of the century and trained to effectively present complex issues to a variety of audiences.

In my time as a state employee, I have had so many opportunities to expand my skills and knowledge. As a Department of Corrections Law Librarian, I facilitate access to the courts and to legal research materials for incarcerated individuals. When I was at the Department of Social and Health services, I determined eligibility for public benefits and connected those in need with resources that can help them. As a State Park Ranger, I managed the operations of several state parks and ensured compliance with park rules and state laws as a limited commission law enforcement officer.

I also wander around in the woods with a camera from time to time. Keeps me out of trouble.

Whether it is pursuing justice by ardently advocating for a client, piecing together impactful insights from the past, or just preserving an image of the world we share, I will be excited to share my skills with you.

Please feel welcome to reach out at any time. And also, please enjoy this crow: